You never know where your life journey will take you.

In 2001, I completed my Business Degree majoring in Marketing. The first part of my business journey started at my family furniture business, City Furniture & Appliances Vernon. My choice was not to start working there right after graduating, but that is where my path led me. I am so thankful to have been able to work in the business alongside my father, learning everything from the ground up. I started selling, then went back to school and obtained my Interior Design Certificate.

The next thing you know, I was running the business doing everything from selling, merchandising, commercial sales, marketing, purchasing and more. In 2011 we built a brand new 40,000sq ft retail space which I was head designer/merchandiser bringing Vernon the newest and largest furniture store in the North Okanagan. Throughout those years of working in the family business, I never neglected my love for fitness. I first became a certified fitness instructor in 1999. I found a passion in teaching, and had a true belief that self care and well being kept me sane as I worked 10 hour days, 6-7 days a week for 14 years straight.

In 2009, the fitness instructing path led me to opening up a side Zumba fitness business while I still worked at the furniture store. Then in December 2014, my path led me to the opening of Soul Studio which came about from thought to finish in 3 months to the day. Since 2014, I have been able to do what makes me happy, while changing lives. It has been such a challenging, yet rewarding path. Fast forward until now, I am embarking on a new journey, Soul Biz. I have 20 years experience in Family Enterprise, Retail Business, Business, Marketing, Design, Fitness and Self Development.

I am an entrepreneur and have a PASSION for BUSINESS. My dream is to help others be the BEST that they can BE by sharing my personal experiences in business. How can I help? You tell me. Excited for my new adventure!


Sareena is such an incredible woman. She reached out to us last year to bring BollyX (the Bollywood Workout) to Vernon and was the 3rd City in Canada to offer our program! She was extremely easy to work with, highly professional, and just really caring all around. I remember visiting her studio and being floored by how well structured and established it was! Every detail had been extremely well thought out. Sareena created a video when she launched BollyX at her studio, and we liked the footage so much we used some of it for our own marketing campaigns. Classes have now taken off at her studio like wildfire, and we keep getting messages from happy participants raving about the work that Sareena has done in her community. She is an inspiration to us here in New York and we can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with her, as well as grow our community alongside her!

Working with Sareena in the early stages of my business provided me so much insight and direction. She took the time to understand my business, my goals, my obstacles, and provided me with steps and actionable items to keep moving forward. Sareena asked thought provoking questions and related my challenges to situations she has encountered throughout her many years in business, which showed me that I wasn’t alone. She provided me with solid advice, potential solutions, encouraged me, and in her gentle Sareena way gave me the push to step out of my comfort zone and go after what I want. Whether you are just starting out or are well into your entrepreneurial journey, the expertise Sareena will provide you will be invaluable.

I began as a participant in Sareena’s Zumba classes in 2011. With Sareena’s encouragement I became an instructor, and a few months later in 2014 she opened Soul Studio here in Vernon where I began my journey as a fitness instructor. That first year of teaching was a huge year of personal growth for me. With Sareena’s guidance I became a confident instructor; a path I would have never taken without Sareena. She has taught me to not just step out of my comfort zone, but to leap!!! This has led to me becoming a Safer Beauty Advocate, managing my own successful business while educating consumers and working to change federal regulations in the personal care industry. Without Sareena’s unwavering belief in me, I wouldn’t have taken my starting steps. It has led to a firm belief in myself I didn’t have before. When my next challenge came along, I happily seized it with the knowledge that not only am I capable, but I have a supportive team behind me; a team that was built by Sareena. If you need guidance, I highly recommend utilizing her knowledge and passion for your current or future venture.

I first attended one of Sareena’s Zumba Fitness classes in 2010, which marked the beginning of my own journey to a healthier lifestyle. Little did I know that I would follow Sareena on her journey of developing her love of fitness into a thriving business known as SOUL STUDIO which she opened in December 2014. Soul Studio has been such an exciting chapter for her, but on a selfish note, exciting for me as a member; the variety of classes, fabulous instructors, and a beautiful space to exercise in makes it easy for me to stick to my fitness routine. The addition of the Ryde studio in Jan 2018 has enabled me to take my fitness to the next level. She is constantly pushing us out of our comfort zones. I would highly recommend Sareena’s experience for those starting out with a new fitness business, I’ve been there to watch Sareena grow from renting spaces out of a studio, to developing a brand, creating a team, and expanding her business in the last 8 years. The BEST part of SOUL is that there is NO judgment. When you walk through those doors ….know that you will feel welcome…every time!!

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