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Megan Hamilton February 5, 2018 No Comments

Sally Benson

Sally joined the Soul team in January 2018!

Being into fitness since she was a young teen, she embraced track and field, swimming and the high school weight room. At age 22, she started to play rugby and trained and competed for 9 years.

Sally found her passion for teaching fitness and conditioning while coaching high school rugby. After graduating from Mount Royal in Calgary with a Personal Trainer Fitness Certificate in 2002, she worked with and wrote programs for people of various ages and abilities as a personal trainer. Since moving to BC, she has taught Jazzercise since 2010 and is very excited to pursue Barre, Strong by Zumba, and Pop Pilates as her new certification adventures.

She is looking forward to providing Soul’s energetic members with the wide range of fantastic programming that suits many tastes and needs. Sally loves to share her passion for fitness.

Sally is happily married to Todd with two beautiful children, Sarah and Nicholas.

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