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Courtney May 5, 2018 No Comments

Ali Foley

Ali was born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba. After visiting BC for the first time at around the age of 20 she vowed to one day move out to the Okanagan! She spent many summers driving back and forth visiting friends and adoring the beauty of the mountains and the crystal clear lakes. Summer of 2017 her and her partner finally made an offer on a house!

Ali completed both counselling and hairstyling courses and worked in these fields until a car accident brought everything to a halt in 2008. A friend suggested she try Bikram yoga in 2009 to help with the pain and depression that had followed the accident. It didn’t take long for her pain to vanish and her whole outlook on life to change. She was hooked! Ali completed the 9 week Bikram yoga teacher training in San Diego in 2010. Yoga changed her life!

Eventually Yin yoga came into the picture in 2014 and she was blown away, yet again! Being the polar opposite to the more “yang like” yoga she was used to, it appealed to and challenged her in so many ways. Ali completed the training a few months later, and continues to enjoy practicing and teaching both of these disciplines because they complement each other so well. Ali is looking forward to sharing all of her experience and energy with you!

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