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Colleen Dix January 18, 2017 No Comments

Ditch the Diet Mentality

By Jaymie Hackman, Barre instructor at Soul Studio.

At the recent #FeedYourSoul 60 day challenge kick off event, I spoke with the participants on health and nutrition. Here are some of the tips that I shared with the ladies to help them on the path to success in their goals.

Stop Counting – Most people believe that counting calories and obsessing over a number on the scale will somehow make us reach an ‘idea weight’ and make us happier.  But actually counting makes us feel worse about ourselves.  Instead of the number, calories, fats, grams, the scale, focus on health and perhaps that will lead you to choosing better foods.

Try reading the actual ingredients & focus on how you feel.

Eat Real Food– Whole food.  fresh fruits, vegetables don’t come with food labels.  Was it picked from a tree, pulled from the ground, caught in the ocean?

Water– Drink a glass of lemon water upon waking…it cleanses the body, detoxifies the liver…….It alkalinizes the body..…prevents constipation…..reduces heartburn…it gets your skin glowing-the health of your digestive system and your liver is directly related to the health of your skin.


Don’t skip breakfast-Protein is a macronutrient that has powerful effects.  Protein stimulates the metabolic rate & will balance your blood sugar & prevent cravings by keeping insulin hormone levels in check.  You will stay fuller longer as protein takes 3-5 hours to digest which may help you eat less over all.

HEALTHY PROTEIN OPTIONS– egg, chia, quinoa, fish, chicken, nuts, seeds, greek yogurt, beans, lentils, plant based protein powered

Snack, but eat the right snacks and eat only when your hungry – The body is a very smart machine- it knows that refined carbs quickly convert to glucose ( a form of sugar) in the body, hence making them the obvious choice  for a burst of energy when the glucose supply gets low.  This is exactly why you may find that, on those days you were too busy to have lunch, when you get home all you want to eat is carbs.  When you continually eat unhealthy snacks, the excess sugar will eventually be converted to fat.

Carbs are not all bad, they are just not all created equally.

Here are some balanced snack ideas:  apple with almond butter / brown rice crackers with nut butter / soft boiled egg with veggies / veggies & hummus / chocolate protein powder with almond milk

Keep a wellness journal – This will  increase your awareness of your feelings toward food and yourself…..becoming aware makes you break old habits that do not serve you well and create new ones that make you feel good inside and out

Have 1 sugar free day a week – Sugar is toxic and is highly addictive, and is in most things that we eat.  You will be surprised at how good you feel when you reduce sugar from your diet.


-Microwaved food- cooked broccoli lost up to 97% of its nutrient

-Margarine – it is a chemically altered food..it isn’t real food

-High-Fructose Corn Syrup – it is strongly implicated in the rapid rise of obesity and type 2 diabetes

-Canned Foods- unless you buy brands labels BPA free (Eden Organic) …BPA Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical and is a estrogen mimicker and can cause hormonal imbalances

-Fruit Flavoured Fat Free Yogurt – There is a big misconception that fat free is healthy…

first off, don’t be afraid of fat….most of theses fruit flavoured yogurt are FULL of sugar and artificial sweeteners…..buy plain yogurt and add your own flavourings…..fruit, cinnamon, honey

Fruit Juice & Pop – Fruit juice contains very little nutrition and rapidly spikes blood sugar…plus your drinking artificial colouring and flavouring and phosphorus which can actually steal calcium from your bones and teeth.  If you want juice, make it yourself

Breakfast Cereals / Cereal Bars – This is food marketing at its finest-advertising products as ‘healthy’ when they are full of sugar and refined grains that have been stripped of B vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals.  they are full of preservatives, flavorings,and colourings.   Of course there are some healthy exceptions you just need to be a food detective and read your labels

Be kind to yourself…  It isn’t always about food.  It’s about choosing to have a good attitude.

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