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28Jan No Comments

Amie’s Top 3 Smoothies

By Amie Ellis, Zumba instructor at Soul Studio. Smoothies are my favorite way to pack in lots of vegetables for my day! They pack a huge nutrition and energy punch. Here are 3 of my and my kids favorites! 1. Green...

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10Jan No Comments

It’s 2017! Top 5 Soul Studio Tips for New Members

By Amie Ellis, Zumba instructor at Soul Studio.                         Bring good, clean indoor shoes. A good pair of shoes can make or break your workout experience! Check out my shoe...

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24Jan No Comments

A Breakfast to Fuel Your Soul

By Colleen Dix, blog editor at Soul Studio. I'm a klutz, truth be known. The day after Soul's 1st Anniversary party in December I sprained my ankle dancing at a Christmas party. The big difference - shoes. It's a lot easier...

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