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Colleen Dix December 10, 2015 No Comments

Amie’s Picks for the Best Kicks at Zumba Class

By Amie Ellis, Zumba instructor at Soul Studio.

It’s probably one of the most common questions we instructors are asked, “what shoes should I buy for Zumba class?” We all will have different needs depending on our feet. Do you pronate (walk or run with most of your weight on the inside edge of your feet)? Supinate (walk or run with most of your weight on the outside of your feet)? Or maybe you are a neutral pronator (slight inward rolling of the foot during its strike – ideal). I would recommend one of the shoe experts at any of the local stores that carry a more extensive selection of athletic shoes. They will be able tell you which category you fall into and what kind of support you will need.

Which brings me to shoe choices!!

  1. My all time favorite shoe for Zumba is the New Balance 1296 tennis shoe. A tennis shoe will provide the stability we need for all the lateral movement and booty shaking! The colors are pretty great too!
  2. A very close second (I usually alternate between these and New Balance) are Rykas. My favorite are the high tops, but I’ve used and loved the Ryka Vida RZX Training Shoe as well.
  3. Another shoe I’ve been very happy with are the Under Armour Micro G Pulse TR.
  4. A studio favourite amongst the members are Nike Free. They have a wonderfully flexible footbed and upper so you can really move in these and also stay supported.
  5. And last but not least are the official ZUMBA® brand of shoes. There are currently 31 styles to choose from.

Try to avoid a running shoe with a thick foot bed like Saucony.  It’s quite common to see people roll or tweak their ankle during lateral movements (I’ve done it!!). It’s also important to replace your shoes at least once or twice a year, depending on your activity level. There is all kinds of advice on how many kilometres a pair of shoes can handle, but I recommend listening to your body.  My knee starts to tell me when my shoes are dead, and a couple of my toes will start to numb. That happens every 4 months or so,  and for me that’s about 300kms. Remember that the average class is equivalent to running 10kms!!!!! So basically we get to dance a 10kms with awesome music instead of running it. Oh yeah! 😉


Happy shopping!!!

Amie Ellis - Soul Studio Fitness, Vernon BC

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