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Colleen Dix January 7, 2016 No Comments

The LAX Dance Experience in Vernon!

By Sarah Podollan, Hip Hop instructor at Soul Studio.


The Los Angeles Dance Experience (aka The L.A.X.) is my passion project!

Hi, my name is Sarah Podollan and dance has always played such a positive role in my life. It has shaped me as a person since I was 4 years old and I want to pass down all that I’ve learned to my students. I was a professional dancer in Los Angeles for 13 years where I traveled the world with artist such as Paul McCartney and Britney Spears. I did numerous TV shows, movies and videos. I am very proud of those things but it’s not what defines me as a dancer or a person. It’s the discipline and hard work that came before, during and after those jobs. Discipline and hard work are things you can take with you to whatever profession you choose; a lawyer, Doctor, teacher, even a mother. That is what I want to teach to my students. What an amazing environment to learn those things in! You get to dance to music, work hard with friends, stay active and learn things you can carry on through your life.

The L.A.X. is a dance intensive where I bring up some of the super talented and inspiring dancers/choreographers I know from L.A. Why do I feel it’s necessary to bring other teachers up? Because I remember being so inspired when my teacher did that growing up in Michigan. And I can see it on my students faces when they come back from conventions in Vancouver. Being a good teacher means exposing your students to other teachers then just yourself. And guess what? I learn too!!! The only flaw I saw with the whole process is that we (the dancers of the Okanagan) always had to travel far (Vancouver, Calgary) and spend lots of money to get to conventions and intensives. There is enough dancers in our area, why not bring teachers here? that is why The L.A.X. was started.

If you know of a dancer in your life (ages 9-20ish) that you think would enjoy and benefit from my passion project please have them contact me (Sarahsmith23@me.com) the next one is this weekend January 9 & 10th. for more information on The L.A.X. go to the Facebook page.

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